Vision and Mission

The AEM Vision is to ensure: African products attain an environmental profile that makes them competitive in the international market and secures expanded market access at national, regional and international levels.

To achieve its vision the AEM’s Mission will entail:
1. Improving the environmental profile of African products through resource efficient production methods.
2. Expanding market access for African products and increase their share in national and regional markets, as well as the global economy.
3. Enhancing progress towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by facilitating economic growth on a sustainable basis.

AEM’s Goals are:
1. Producing and promoting production as well as implementation of sustainability standards designed by Africans for key sectors and industries in Africa that:
i. Are relevant to Africa and provide benchmarks for African governments, nongovernmental organisations, businesses and existing eco-labels in setting requirements for eco-labelling in Africa
ii. Are tailored to the needs of African small-scale producers, assisting them in improving their resource efficiency and environmental performance while increasing their competitiveness.
2. Assisting small scale producers to improve their environmental performance and be certified by
i. Undertaking capacity building needs assessments and providing training that will ensure they meet the nominated standards.
ii. Establishing procedures for group certification and building capacity to develop internal control systems to allow them to pool resources and reduce certification costs.
3. Assisting certification bodies operating in Africa with
i. Training and capacity building to increase the pool of qualified auditors and ensure producers and supply chain operators are properly certified against EMA standards.
ii. Operating a certification scheme that offers a credible, independent, third-party assessment process that ensures impartiality and assures buyers that the requirements of standards have been met.
4. Through strategic partners, providing an enabling environment for eco-labelling in Africa and establishing eco-labelling as a cornerstone of sustainable public procurement policy frameworks.
5. Promoting the Eco-Mark Africa eco-label, a mark that showcases Africa’s sustainably produced goods and assists with marketing EMA labelled products and services, increasing their value and market share.