Governance Structure

The Eco Mark Africa' organizational structure builds upon existing capacities and structures within the region in order to effectively respond to African needs and priorities within the context of global trade and environment regimes.

  • The EMA Executive Board is the governing body of the EMA.

  • The EMA Technical Board will mainly be responsible for the evaluation of the conformity assessment of producers and the equivalence assessment of standards systems submitting to the EMA benchmarking process.

  • The EMA Secretariat is the operative body of the EMA, coordinating the development and revision of reference criteria, steering marketing and capacity building activities, and acquiring political support. At a later stage, label management and service provision will add to these responsibilities.

  • A Sector Working Group for each of the four priority sectors and a marketing panel are the bodies that develop the catalogues of reference criteria and the marketing strategy of the EMA.
The EMA is committed to ensure that the Executive Board as the EMA's governing body adequately reflects balanced stakeholder representation. Therefore, the board consists of representatives from regional governmental organisations, supranational organisations as well as business and consumer organisations. The Executive Board may extend membership to additional stakeholders.

Download the detailed Terms of Reference of the EMA organs or view the members of the EMA bodies.

Terms of Reference (PDF)